Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's Summertime~
Time for picnics, lawn mowing, outdoor projects, baseball, swimming, fishing, tennis, golf, gardening,
water skiing, and anything else you can think of to do... outdoors!

We are so blessed to live in Iowa where we have such beautiful landscapes all around us. The trees are magnificent, the rivers flow lazily along verdant pathways , taking their time to get to their far-away destination.
The soil is rich, and the earth brings forth a delightful bouquet of wildflowers, grasses, and greenery of all kinds!
We love our sweetcorn and tomatoes, watermelon and cucumbers, and they provide a pop of color on most every summer dinner plate.

As you relish the beauty of nature all around you, as it vies to out do itself with becoming more and more beautiful each day, don't forget to take time to thank the Lord God, Creator of it all!

Scoop up your children, pack them into the car and explore some part of the countryside you haven't been to before. There are some wonderful places to visit....

Read a book in the shade of a giant oak, or play in a creek.... hunt for arrowheads.... make mud pies!
Summer is a time for kicking back, getting dirty, sowing some seed...

The harvest time is coming .... and you will be amazed at what a few little seeds can produce for you.

What a wonderful life lesson this can be for your children, grandchildren... or even as a personal reminder to yourself!

You sow some seeds.. tucking them gently into the soft earth. You water them carefully and watch them sprout.

And then, with tender care, the little plants are nurtured along until one day, you are able to see the fruit setting on.

Finally... the day comes when you can harvest.
From one tiny seed, you are able to reap sometimes a bushel or more of vegetables.

That same application is true of sowing the Word of God into the life of another person... with the sowing comes a sure harvest. Abundant! Beyond what you could ever ask or think.

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