Upcoming Events 2014

June 15, 2014   Sunday morning... between services. Father's Day Brunch! Don't forget Dads! They love to eat ... and we love see them smile on their special day. 

August 2, 2014  backpack giveaway

September 25, 2014  GIRL'S NIGHT OUT!  Motorcycle ride!

October 3, 2014  GIRL'S NIGHT OUT! Craft Night

October 4, 2014* (NEW EVENT PREMIER)
First Pen Market Night. We are thrilled to launch this new event designed to highlight service providers in our congregation.

If you sell stuff, make stuff... want to promote your stuff.... this is the night FOR YOU!

If you want to shop to encourage our local , in house, service providers, encourage and support those who sell stuff, make stuff.... this is the night FOR YOU!

Watch for more info being released in early summer about this event. If you Make Stuff, or Sell Stuff... please speak to Andi Fisher, Lisa Mullikin, Linda Mullikin, Anita Barker, Marlene Jessop, or Rebecca Willis to secure a space and get details about this premier event!

November 1, 2014   GIRL'S NIGHT OUT! Cookie Exchange

November 15, 2014*Saturday evening  Women's Fellowship Event! 
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE! Need I say more? Women, Chocolate, Spa treatments, and other luxuries TBD..... 

December 5, 2014   GIRL'S NIGHT OUT! Christmas Party

December 2014..... Family Holiday Extravaganza.... Second Annual! Watch for date and time! It will be here again, before we know it! 

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